In this video, we show you what has changed at Imagine Float in this COVID age. Our services, however, have remained the same.

Hi guys! Welcome back to Imagine Float.

We’re so glad you’ve come back. We have missed you. We’re excited to see you again. We’re here to show you what we’ve done to the Center to make your experience that much better. While some things have changed, it’s no different than what you’re experiencing anywhere else. And, the services remain the same!

Come on in!

Face Masks

When you arrive, we ask that you wear your face mask.  We’ll always have our face masks on. But for the purposes of this video, we’ll leave our face mask off so you can see us and hear us.

Call us from the parking lot

As soon as you arrive in our parking lot, we ask that you give us a call at 860-255-7771 to let us know that you’re here. We will ask you some health screening questions. If everything is fine you can enter into the space. The doors will be open. When you enter into the foyer, we’ll ask that you use hand sanitizer and silence your phones.

Reception Area

Here is our reception area. It looks the same but a little bit different. No one will be sitting here. If there is one person, no problem. We’ll sanitize and disinfect the chair upon leaving.   We’ve created another waiting area here, more than six feet apart so that if we need to use it, we have this space available. For the most part, it won’t be used.

We’ve designated on the floor, the standing protocol of staying six feet apart.

If you come over to our front desk, this is where most of the changes have occurred. You will notice the plexi-glass that protects you, as well as us. We have also moved the credit card reader to the other side of the desk so that it’s self-serve and contact-less.

Welcome to our new recovery room

We gave you a survey at the beginning of COVID and we heard that you wanted a separate space to recover. However, due to the COVID guidelines, we have repurposed this room, temporarily, so we can offer another compression session. Previously, we have offered two compression sessions at one appointment. Now, we can still maintain that by having one in here and one in a separate room.

Welcome to our new compression room

We have the same four attachments that we’ve always had. We have short legs, long legs, arms and shoulders and hip and lower back. Only one person will be doing an attachment at a time. You can still choose between all four,  just like always.

Float rooms

We know you have a lot of questions about our float rooms. We have always kept cleaning and disinfecting at the highest standards, nothing has changed. We have taken it to an even higher level by staggering our appointments so that customers don’t bump into each other. It gives us a little more time to pay attention to the tiny, tiny details. It is incredibly safe. We are following the CDC guidelines, the EPA guidelines and the Float Tank Association in order to make your floating experience as safe as possible.

The back door

This is something you’ve never seen before. This the back door. This is where we come in at the beginning of every shift. As soon as we come in, we have hand sanitizer now available so each and every one of our employees are required to use the hand sanitizer before every shift.

Motion sensor lights in the restrooms

We are always improving at Imagine Float. One of the things we can’t believe we didn’t think of sooner is…touchless lights in the bathroom. Look! No hands! No one has to touch any light switches.

Not only do we have motion sensor lights in the bathroom, we will keep the door open between usage and we will disinfect between customers.

You can only IMAGINE how much we’ve missed you!

See you soon!

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