“What do I wear?” We get this question a lot. First-time floaters have even told us they brought their bathing suit because they weren’t sure. That’s ok. Just keep it in your bag. The answer is when you float, you don’t wear anything. Yes, you will float naked. No, no one will see you and everyone does it. In fact, it feels quite natural and comfortable.

You will have complete privacy in your float room, equipped with a private shower. Floating naked feels great. In fact, wearing a bathing suit may take away from your sensory-free experience. The less you have to distract you, the easier it will be to enter a deeply relaxing state.

Think of this way, by not wearing a bathing suit and exposing it to the high salt content in the float rooms, your suit will last longer. We provide the towels, shampoo, body wash and conditioner, so showing up to float means you have nothing to forget. It is the ultimate low-stress therapeutic practice.

Check out this video to learn more about what to expect your first time floating.



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