My first float was on July 5, 2015 in Kearney, NJ. I’d been reading about it for a while and wanted to try it out. As a lifelong athlete, I figured this might help me in my training.  I’ve had an ongoing experiment (with me as the subject) about what treatments, gear, nutritional approaches can help improve my performance and recovery, extend my racing career and, hopefully, stave off injuries  Plus, I was in my last season of my triathlon training business and was looking for another challenge. Maybe this would be it. Maybe I’d open a floatation center in central Connecticut. Crazier sentences have been uttered.

Over the past three years, I have done more research, looked at various properties to rent and determined the amount of time and money needed to give it a go.  I even attended a 3-day apprenticeship at Float On a spa in Portland, Oregon to get a hands-on exposure to what it means to operate a float spa. I ultimately decided it wasn’t for me at this time in my life.

I continued to float and seek out even more forms of alternative, non-invasive healing modalities to enhance my training and racing. This included floating, cryotherapy, super slow strength training and especially my daily 15-minute nap. All of these strategies, in addition to my serious dedication to triathlon training and racing, have kept me fit, healthy and most importantly injury free!  

I spent a lot of time telling anyone who will listen about my passion for these treatments, how they have helped me.  There have been a few raised eyebrows, but I’ve been amazed at how many people invited themselves to go float with me or tried one or more of the treatments I suggested.

When Michele and her husband invited me and my husband over for dinner on a warm summer evening in July, I didn’t expect this simple get-together to change the trajectory of my personal and professional life.

As often happens, the topic of floating came up. I mentioned that I was going in a few days. Michele was intrigued. What I would soon find out was Michele’s MO, “carpe diem, less talk, more action” she found herself in a float tank 3 days later!

Take a look at this quick text exchange:

Three months later, hundreds more texts and conversations, hours of research, phone calls, looking at rental properties, and much much more, we are really doing this.

I won’t lie. I’m scared and freaked out. I am also super excited and energized. Scared and excited is where transformation happens. Here we go…let’s do this!

Stay tuned for more details of HOW this is actually happening.

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