There are trillions of bacteria living in and on the human body. Don’t panic! These bacteria are referred to as your MICROBIOME and you need them to live a healthy life!
By nurturing your microbiome, you boost gut health and improve healthy immune function.

Scientists have revealed just how essential these resident microbes are to our overall health and well-being and how they can help us thrive and heal from so many diseases.

The health of our microbiome plays an essential role in maintaining and supporting our immune system, improving digestion, and acting as a first line of defense against unwanted pathogens and diseases. The billions of microbes that live in our gut are extremely effective in fighting off infections as they nurture our immune system and help break down our food. Our gut microbes play a pivotal role in our body’s life-sustaining functions including:

  • Helping the body absorb much needed nutrients from food
  • Strengthening the immune system
  • Reducing excess inflammation in the body
  • Helping to rid the body from potentially harmful toxins
  • Making essential brain chemicals like serotonin, the “feel-good” transmitter
  • Manufacturing important vitamins the body utilizes to function effectively
  • Preventing leaky gut

    The food choices we make each and every day have a significant influence in determining whether or not the gut is populated by health-sustaining organisms, or bad bugs that will lead to a mess of metabolic issues which could then lead to depression, anxiety, illness, weight gain, muscle pain, brain fog, and so much more. Eating healthy, unprocessed, whole foods, preferably greens and naturally fermented vegetables will influence our gut bacteria in a positive way as opposed to eating refined sugars that feed the bad bacteria and suppresses beneficial microbiome health. Eating foods that are naturally rich in healthy probiotic bacteria is a great place to start. Naturally fermented foods are simple to make at home as well as easy to find in most refrigerated sections of the grocery stores. Having one to two small servings of naturally fermented probiotics daily sets our microbiome up for success!Here is a list of some favorites:
    • Pickles
    • Kimchi, a traditional Korean dish made from cabbage
    • Yogurt with live cultures
    • Kefir, a fermented beverage made from milk or coconut milk • Sauerkraut
    • Fermented meats, fish and eggs
    • Cultured sour cream
    When we nurture our microbiome, we support our immune system and overall health!

    To find out more ways you can support your health, contact Susan Cancian CHHC, AADP to set up an initial Health Coaching Consultation.

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