Our Story

Two women. Two moms. Two athletes. We met in October 2017 during a middle school cross country meet. While our children were racing, we realized that our lives have been running in parallel for years. Over the next few months, we talked about everything from our families, to race training, to our penchant for being super organized, how aligned we are in our worldviews and generally enjoying each other’s company.

Our Story

Staff at Imagine Float in Avon, CT

Michele Beaule (l) and Lynne Tapper (r)
Photo credit: Elanna Rubinstein

Staff at Imagine Float in Avon, CT
Over dinner one summer evening, Lynne mentioned the idea of floating. Michele was intrigued. She signed up and 3 days later found herself in salty heaven. She was hooked. The potential to help individuals who suffer from anxiety, depression, chronic pain and much more through a non-invasive service was something she thought was a worthwhile endeavor. Together they decided to pursue creating a space that would offer floatation therapy and other services that fall into the “non-invasive healing services” category. Over the next few months, Imagine Float was born. The rest will be history.

The mission of Imagine Float is to provide you with a first-class facility to ultimately tap into the benefits of non-invasive healing modalities.

Graduate of the University of Connecticut. Certified Public Accountant (CPA). She has worked for PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLC, United Technologies Corporation, and Cigna Corporation (Financial Leadership Program). She has also held previous roles as Vice President of Charter Oak Aquatic Club, Elementary School PTO President (& Vice President), Board Member of Healing Meals Community Project and was the Founder and Race Director of the East Farms Elementary School 5K and Fun Run (2013-2018).

Michele Beaule

Co-owner & Founder

First and foremost, I am a mom of four, a wife, a sister, a daughter, a volunteer. I was raised in Shelton, CT, better known as the valley, worked and paid my way through college, earned my CPA license, went on to have a successful career and have made Farmington, CT my family’s home for the past 15+ years. I have seen the good, the bad and the very ugly.

This journey has shaped me into the person I am today. It drives me to be better, to lift those up around me, to not just take up space. The road I have traveled has not been the easiest, but it has developed my appreciation of those who have and those who have not. Our mantra at home has always been “make the world a better place because you are in it.” This is my opportunity…

What I have seen consistently in my life’s journey is a general lack in proactively taking care of our health, ie. physical, mental and emotional. I have been pre-diabetic for the past 10 years. My family has been plagued with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, anxiety, depression, addiction and cancer. I am on a mission to thwart these predetermined genes. I want to help others outrun their crappy genes. I want to dispel the notion that taking time for your health is a “treat” until you are in a medical emergency. Why do we have to wait for the diagnosis? Shouldn’t it be our mission to avoid the diagnosis?

All of these experiences, along with my business partner’s, were the springboard for the development of our wellness center. Services needed to be non-invasive, affordable, and proven effective. Each service needed to support the mental, emotional and physical health, not one or the other. Therapies had to have varying time commitments and temperature selections. Memberships were developed so that our clients can make their health a priority.

Imagine Float is my opportunity to “make the world a better place,” one client at a time.

Lynne Tapper

Co-owner & Founder

My first float was on July 5, 2015 in New Jersey. I’d been reading about it for a while and curious to check it out. As an endurance athlete, I figured this might help me in my training.  I’ve had an ongoing experiment (with me as the subject) about what treatments, gear, nutritional approaches can help improve my performance and recovery, extend my racing career and, hopefully, stave off injuries  Plus, I was in my final season of my triathlon training business and was looking for another challenge. Maybe this would be it. Maybe I’d open a floatation center in central Connecticut. Crazier sentences have been uttered.

Floating continues to be a critical part of my training and wellness regimen along with other forms of alternative, non-invasive healing modalities. In addition to floating, I am a big fan of thai and ashiatsu massage, cryotherapy, super slow strength training and especially my daily 15-minute nap. All of these strategies, in addition to my serious dedication to multisport training and racing, have kept me fit, healthy and most importantly injury free!

I’m thrilled to be able to share my passion for floating and other healing services with many more people through this new venture, Imagine Float. Not so crazy after all. 😉

A lifelong endurance athlete with the dual goal of training and racing until my bones turn to dust and sharing that passion and all that I have learned about training, recovery, nutrition and rest with as many people as possible. It has manifested itself in almost every professional endeavor from ABC Sports and ESPN to developing a women’s sports website for Oxygen Media to sharing my passion for triathlons through Team Training New England (a triathlon training program for beginners) and to creating a space for women to “play” at breathe, a women’s retreat in New Hampshire.

Graduate of Connecticut College. She has worked for The Women’s Sports Foundation, ABC Sports, ESPN and Oxygen Media, She is the co-founder of Team Training New England, a triathlon training program for adults and children. She is also the co-founder of breathe, a retreat for women in Freedom, NH; spirit of camp, company of women. She acted as race director for Celebrate! West Hartford’s Road Races (2017-2018) and currently serves as a proud Board Member of Capitol Squash in Hartford, CT.

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