This past week I was invited to attend the Aurora Foundation Luminary Luncheon. This two hour luncheon was filled with the all things that make the world a better place. Anyone who knows me…really knows me…knows this is my favorite topic.

Ms. Francine Austin was awarded Philanthropist of the Year. Her acceptance speech was centered around her “pushers and pullers.” The pushers are those people in her life that PUSH her to do more and more good. The pullers are those people in her life that PULL her to do more and more good. Without her pushers and pullers, Ms. Austin believes she wouldn’t have accomplished all that she has. How beautifully simple an equation.

If we surround ourselves with the right pushers and pullers, we too can accomplish great things, big and small.

My life has been filled with pushers and pullers as well as those who were not of this sentiment. It takes time and experience to find that special team of pushers and pullers.

This past year, Imagine Float was born. Without my team of pushers and pullers, this would not be so. Most notably, my business partner, Lynne Tapper, and my family. There are a million reasons why Imagine Float could have just been a wild dream. But instead, these pushers and pullers knew Lynne and I had a purpose. Imagine Float had a purpose. To bring good to the Greater Hartford Area. To make each client’s wellness better than when they walked in. To give back to the community. To inspire other women to own their destiny.

Thank you Ms. Francine Austin. Even in your acceptance speech you continue to inspire all of us to dig deep and do more good. Thank you for reminding me to continue to make the world a better place through Imagine Float.

Michele Beaule

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