The last 3 ½ months have been a whirlwind. And as 2018 comes to an end, we thought it would be helpful for us to identify what we have accomplished. We know we have a long road ahead, but it’s important to take stock of what we have done and give ourselves a big pat on the back.

We wrote a business plan.
We created a 5-year financial projection.
We found a location to lease.
We decided on a name.
We made sure we were free and clear to use said name.
We registered the name.
We created an official partnership and LLC.
We opened a bank account.
We had a logo designed.
We began researching insurance plans.
We began researching payroll companies.
We identified a “scheduling and point of sale” software program.
We designed the floorplan with our architect.
We identified a contractor.
We identified the float room manufacturer & model.
We identified the cryosauna manufacturer & model.
We identified the infrared sauna manufacturer & model.
We negotiated equipment pricing.
We signed a lease.
We ordered equipment.
We picked out flooring.
We started working on a website.
We created a facebook page.
We created an instagram page.

And right before the year comes to an end…
We took a deep breath…

…only to start on the rest of our to-do list, after we came up for air!

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