Our Float Therapy Center

What does your float room look like? How will I get into the cyrosauna? What is an infrared sauna? What do you mean, “compression boots?” Here at Imagine Float, we know that the unknown and unfamiliar can be scary. This page will provide you with some photos (videos to come) to help put you at ease. If you still have questions, contact us. 

Float Therapy Center in Avon, Connecticut

Our Float Rooms

Months of research and countless conversations went into the decision we made to purchase our Float Rooms. We decided on a room vs. a pod or tank simply because we wanted to provide the optimal floating experience with the least barriers to entry (literally). Once inside our rooms, the experience is yours to explore. Just relax, breathe, and do nothing. You’ll thank us for it.

Our Cyrosauna

With our Impact Cryosauna, your extremities are covered with gloves for your hands and socks and booties for your lower leg and feet, but your head is outside of the sauna during the session. There is a technician in the room with you at all times. For 3 minutes you slowly rotate to make sure the nitrogen vapor hits all sides of your body.

Our Infrared Sauna

Our Sunlighten sauna delivers infrared therapies that reach every part of your body with constant gentle heat to help you detoxify. In an infrared sauna, it is about more than just sweating – it’s a quiet place to relax, reflect, and focus on you. Our sauna accommodates two people, so you can enjoy some quality time together. You can also connect your phone through bluetooth and play your favorite music or podcasts.

Our Compression Therapy

Our Normatec Pulse leg recovery system provides a simple recovery system for fitness enthusiasts, weekend warriors and competitive athletes. Anyone that wants to have fresh legs faster. During your fully-clothed session, the boots begin compression at the feet and gently work their way up your legs removing inflammation, swelling and waste product while promoting a healthy blood flow. Sit back and do nothing as these boots are made for working.

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