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Our Health Coach provides customized Integrative Nutrition counseling to people focusing on their wellness and nutrition, struggling with chronic health issues or looking to boost their immune system. She collaborates with clients to discover and address the root cause of their health.  Together, you will focus on food’s power to naturally heal the body through a combination of diet, lifestyle and science-based recommendations.

The process starts with a comprehensive review of a client’s health history and discussion of manageable goals.  She works with clients to create a system to monitor these goals on an ongoing basis to help measure progress.  Clients receive multi-faceted personalized wellness plans that blend traditional best practices with holistic lifestyle treatments.  She works with clients facing a range of issues including: autoimmune diseases, digestive issues, food sensitivities, brain fog, skin disorders, headaches, anxiety, Lyme disease and fibromyalgia.

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When was the last time you spoke with someone about your health and received the personal attention you deserve?
Begin your journey to health as we discuss your unique situation and determine how I can help you live your healthiest life. In a supportive environment we will explore together what really works for YOU!

Testimonials of Success Stories

“I started working with Susan as my overall health had significantly declined over a period of years. Among other serious illnesses, including two autoimmune diseases, I was struggling with ongoing IBS.  I had lost a great deal of weight, had little appetite, extreme exhaustion, recurrent yeast infections and mood swings.  

It was clear I was in desperate need of radically improving my eating habits, restoring a previous focus on self care and finding ways to build resistance to my ongoing infections which contributed to my autoimmune imbalance.  I was looking for an integrative approach to combat these issues through a pivotal awareness of the mind-body connection.  

From the start, Susan was an exceptional practitioner whose vast knowledge of many diseases, their origins and her amazing integrative program came to turn my life around.  She worked with me to significantly change my eating habits and introduced me to much needed supplements which came to reduce my need for medications that were literally destroying my health.  Her focus on stress reduction, exercise and ways to enhance self care improved my emotional and physical well being. Gradually my flare ups from my autoimmune diseases diminished in intensity and frequency.  It was the first time in many years that I began to feel a sense of hope and empowerment.

Susan is an incredibly sensitive, thoughtful and compassionate woman who dealt with my emotional and physical challenges with empathy, support, insight and a seemingly relentless drive to help me through it all.  She was always available to me which was so important as I needed guidance in many instances. She became such a powerful force in my life that I still say to myself, in times of crisis and uncertainty, “what would Susan tell me?” or “do what’s right for you”.  These words are embedded in my mind and heart.

I would highly recommend working with Susan as her program can be used by anyone impacted by so many health issues which I strongly believe conventional medicine cannot address.  After many years of seeking the help of specialists which were unable to help me, I felt so fortunate to work with Susan who helped me find a healthy lifestyle.”


I was diagnosed with lyme disease several years ago and had been suffering many terrible side effects of this disease. Susan helped me with my chronic pain, and with my incredible fatigue. She came up with a personalized lifestyle routine and nutrition plan that I truly believe gave me back my life. She was patient with me as I made very small but effective changes each week. I felt like I now had a plan and was on a good path to recovery. Susan supported me and understood the emotional toll this had taken on me and how intensely it affected my life. 


“My goal in working with Susan was to find answers to my debilitating health problems. After months of seeing doctors, and receiving no answers from them, I wanted help from someone open to actually hearing and seeing me as a person. Insight, guidance, humanization. The medical system really takes these things away, while Susan provides them.

Susan listened to me. She didn’t give up when my tests showed nothing was “wrong”. She looked further at blood work and saw some red flags that I was unaware of. She checked in and cared. She gave me a voice, helping me navigate and advocate for my own health when my other physicians were not communicating. Now I know how to advocate for myself and take supplements to help support my immune system.

I would describe Susan as kind, insightful, positive, genuine- she treats you as a human being, not a sick person who gets a time slot and they are onto the next. She hears you. 

I would recommend Susan to anyone who is not feeling their “normal”, anyone in chronic pain, anyone who has mysterious symptoms that can’t be figured out. I will absolutely work with Susan again.”


“I started seeing Susan for my three daughters who were experiencing symptoms that were not being addressed properly by traditional medical doctors. All of us worked with her individually as well as in group settings. She educated us on how we can best lead a healthier lifestyle, and addressed each of my daughters issues separately.

With Susan’s help, we isolated certain food and environmental sensitivities that we’re making us all unwell. Between the four of us, we reduced migraines, healed from eczema, recovered from digestive issues, and sleep much better now. I am grateful to have worked with Susan and so are my girls.”


I started seeing Susan last year because of reoccurring migraine and sleep issues I was having. I felt that the medication I was taking was making it hard for me to concentrate. I wanted to get to the bottom of why I was having headaches because they were negatively effecting so many areas of my life. Susan worked with me to figure out my specific triggers and now I can go months without having a headache or migraine. I am sleeping better than I have in years and I am so grateful that my neighbor recommended Susan to me. I will definitely go back to see her if I ever have any other health issues. She is a very kind and competent health practitioner and I highly recommend her.


“For years I had acid reflux after I ate. I tried everything. I felt hopeless and I was scared to eat. I started working with Susan and within 6 weeks, I felt like a new person. I learned how to properly combine my foods. I learned about cultured foods and my body is changing. I am so blessed and thankful. I would not be here without Susan.  Thank you so much for all of your help!”


“I started seeing Susan after my husband and I read about toxins in the home and how they can effect our health. We have two small children and felt we had to be further educated on how to keep them safe and healthy. My son had started getting eczema on his arms and was always congested. My daughter was complaining of stomach aches and seemed bloated all the time. During the time we worked with Susan, she educated us on better products to use that would not be irritating to my son and worked with us to incorporate healthier food choices. We have created a better routine in my home now and all of the symptoms that my children had when we started the program are now gone. My cleaning products and room scents are all safe for my family to touch and breathe and we have no more bloating or stomach aches. I appreciate the time, education and personal attention Susan gave to my family. She even made a special trip to my home to help me organize my pantry and refrigerator when I was feeling overwhelmed. Thank you Susan!”


Susan Cancian, CHHC, AADP

Susan is a Board Certified Health Counselor, wellness coach, and loving mother of two. She decided to become a health coach to fulfill her passion of working with professionals, families and adolescents to improve their health and family life. Offering bio-individual, comprehensive and integrative healthcare programs, Susan specializes in reversing chronic illnesses and providing preventative care coaching through healthy lifestyle changes.

Susan received her training from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City. She is certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP) and has obtained Continuing Education Units from Columbia Teachers College. Susan leads workshops on wellness and nutrition and offers individual health and nutrition coaching. Susan is an Essential Oils Educator.

IMAGINE what your life would be like with abundant energy every day!

As a Health Coach, I am your personal advocate for living an energized and passionate life. I work with clients to help them create happy, healthy lives in a way that is flexible, fun, and effective. By working together, we can discover the nutrition and lifestyle choices that best support you. Making gradual lifelong changes enables you to reach your true capacity and live a healthier life.

Ready for my journey to health!

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