Pushers and Pullers

This past week I was invited to attend the Aurora Foundation Luminary Luncheon. This two hour luncheon was filled with the all things that make the world a better place. Anyone who knows me…really knows me…knows this is my favorite topic. Ms. Francine Austin was...
What do I wear when I float?

What do I wear when I float?

“What do I wear?” We get this question a lot. First-time floaters have even told us they brought their bathing suit because they weren’t sure. That’s ok. Just keep it in your bag. The answer is when you float, you don’t wear anything....

Who is floatation therapy for? Everyone.

We are often asked, “Who comes to Imagine Float?” “Who benefits from your services?” The answer is quite simple. Everyone. Everyone can float. Everyone can benefit. There is the 50+-year-old woman going through a bad break-up. There is the...
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