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Imagine Float, a locally-owned boutique float and wellness center in the greater Hartford area, features floatation therapy, cryotherapy, infrared sauna and compression therapies. Offering you a new level of relaxation, to relax, refresh, and renew.

We are a women-owned business located in Avon, CT serving the Central Connecticut and Western Massachusetts regions.

Imagine Float offers services that provide non-invasive therapies to heal your body, mind and soul.  Reach a new level of relaxation in our floatation rooms, elevate your mood with cryotherapy, boost your immune system and detoxify in our infrared sauna or reduce inflammation with our compression boots.

Experience a deep, relaxing, meditative state, decrease chronic pain, improve focus and creativity, recover from an injury, and accelerate recovery from life’s everyday stresses.

IMAGINE granting yourself time to relax and recover.
IMAGINE suspending the rush of time.
IMAGINE tools to help your body and mind heal.


Our one-hour float sessions feature our float rooms, filled with 10 inches of water, 1,000 pounds of Epsom salt and heated to 94 degrees. You float effortlessly and quietly, your senses free from stimulation. Floating helps relieve back and neck pain, releases endorphins, enhances creativity and problem-solving, improves sleep rhythms and can assist with PTSD, ADHD/depression and anxiety.


Three minute Whole Body Cryotherapy sessions stimulate your body using extreme cold from dry, vaporized nitrogen.  It quickly lowers skin temperature, triggering the nervous system, constricting blood vessels, reducing inflammation and sending blood back to your core. Afterwards, oxygenated blood returns, carrying nutrients and anti-inflammatory proteins, speeding recovery.  Cryotherapy improves mood and energy, increases fat and calorie burning and decreases muscle soreness and fatigue.


Developed in 1998, compression therapy helps today’s fitness enthusiasts, weekend warriors, and competitive athletes recover faster so they can do more of what they love.  During a 30 minute session, the compression boots gently cycle from the feet up to your thighs removing inflammation and waste product while promoting healthy blood flow. Benefits include improved range of motion, enhanced recovery, and ache and pain relief. Arms/shoulders and hip attachments also available for use.


Our infrared sauna uses a dry, constant and gentle heat to raise your core temperature. It blends three infrared wavelengths, Near, Mid and Far to help address tension, detoxify the body and lower your blood pressure.  A 30-45 minute session in the sauna can relieve minor aches and pains related to chronic conditions, stimulate collagen production, heal wounds faster and/or increase your immune system.

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Imagine Float


290 West Main Street/Rt. 44
Avon, CT 06001
Next to The Perfect Toy & Elements Massage


8:30 a.m - 8:15p.m.
8:30 a.m. - 8:15p.m.



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Imagine Float

Imagine Float
290 West Main Street
Avon, CT 


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